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Advice for How to Put Clinicals in my Resume?


So I'm a little bit confused as to where I should have my clinical experience on my resume and am seeking out advice as to how any of you implemented it on your resume.

What started me on this path was that I had my resume professionally written last week. This service was provided to me free because I was severed from my job and since I am going through a career change I figured it would help out greatly. The thing is she put my clinical experience under "Professional Experience" because she said that it was the most current thing I was doing that directly related to the field I am seeking employment in. It states the name of the LTCF and that I am a CNA Student Trainee along with what I did there.

The woman that did this has 25 years as an HR rep and was really professional with everything however after doing some research on this site I ran into a lot of threads and posts that said to never lump clinicals in with work experience. Now those threads and posts were all related to new grad RN resumes and not about CNAs. From what I gathered RNs have a lot of clinical rotations and try to buff it up as work experience thus the big no-no. Does the same apply for CNAs?

I just really don't know who to go by. The writers or the readers of the resumes!:uhoh3:

PS If anyone is either really adventurous or bored I can PM you my resume.

fuzzywuzzy, CNA

Specializes in LTC. Has 3 years experience.

I wouldn't put it in there at all. They know you had clinical- it's a given. Putting it in your resume is hokey, in my opinion.