Advice on getting hired at Grady Memorial Hospital (Atlanta, Ga)


Hi allnurses community,

Anyone from The Grady Memorial Hospital (Atlanta, Georgia) have advice on getting a job there and how to deal with Human Resources?

I have been applying to The Grady Hospital and finally interviewed for a Patient Care Technician job. The interview was a success and I was told on the spot they wanted to hire me. I was then contacted by the Human Resource recruiter confirming that they want to move forward with me but could not give me a job offer at the moment because of a few administrative tasks she had to take care of. She told me she would follow up in a few days with an official job offer. It has been a week and I haven't heard anything from the HR Recruiter. Any advice or words of wisdom? I have called and and emailed twice this week. I want to be persistent, I don't want to be forgotten about or miss this job opportunity.

Has this happened to anybody else? Did it take a while for you to hear back from Human Resources and to get an official offer? Please feel free to share your onboarding experience with The Grady Hospital!!