Advice about finding a job after graduation


Hi all!

I will be graduating in December from a nursing program in IL. I was curious if anyone had advice about landing a job after graduation. Particularly, I was curious about these things:

-How soon before graduation should I start putting out resumes and applications?

-How should I make my resume more appealing since I clearly have no nursing experience, aside from clinicals?

-Is there anything I should emphasize on my resume about what I have accomplished in nursing school?

-Any other advice or suggestions?

I have heard that some students who have previously graduated from our school's program had jobs lined up 3 months before graduation, while others have been out of school for a year and can't find a job. I would hate to be in the latter situation, so I am trying to think ahead a bit.

Thanks so much for the advice in advance!!


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Now would be a good time. I've been looking for a job >month now and so far I've only gotten 2 interviews. I had one job I had to decline due to 1) a requirement that I didn't have, 2) don't have the funds to "upgrade," and 3) they won't fund me. The next interview is this friday. It's a contract full-time temporary and about 1.5hr commute from where I live. Wish me luck.

Note: I've been sending at least 3-20 resumes per day.