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ADVICE: Do I have a chance getting a L&D New Grad position????


Hi all!

I need some advice.

Obviously I will put down L&D as my first choice for preceptorship; however, as you all know you don't always get your first choice.

I will be graduating nursing school with a 4.0 GPA (I'm assuming that looks great on a resume). Will my GPA alone land me an interview without have an L&D preceptorship? My passion is L&D and I want to get into a new grad program since I'm so young and don't have any medical experience.

I will attempt to make my resume stand out by joining AWHONN and having PALS/ACLS/NRP/BLS. Should I spend the money on these tests to make me stand out? Any other recommendations that will help me stand out to employers?

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I think it depends on where you live. For example, here in the CA Bay Area precepting in L&D is vital for landing an L&D job in the area - there are just so many other candidates with not only that experience but externships as well that you would be hard pressed to find a hospital willing to choose you over them, regardless of GPA. I learned this the hard way - I too had a 4.0 GPA but wasn't able to precept in L&D; the only way I was able to land an L&D job near home was to apply to jobs far from the Bay Area. Getting experience in a LDRP unit 3hrs from my house was what helped me get my current job much closer to home.

It is also a really good idea to get your certs: ACLS, NRP, STABLE, AWHONN fetal heart monitoring, and ALSO. The fact that I had take the initiative to earn all of these on my own was a huge factor in me landing both my previous and current jobs.

Good luck! Don't give up - it can be done, it just might take longer than planned to achieve your dream. But it is totally worth it!!! :)

I appreciate the advice. I can't imagine commuting 3 hours to work! I will for sure get all those certs you mentioned and cross my fingers & toes I get the L&D preceptor position.