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Advice on how to become a burn nurse

by thumper4224 thumper4224 (New) New

I am a new graduate nurse who just got hired on a basic medical surgical. I will be working on this unit for a year, but, my goal is to become a burn nurse. Do you have any advice on how to make this transfer possible ASAP? Are there courses I can take? or something that would give me an advantage when interviewing against other nurses especially since I will not have experience in direct burn care?

THANK YOU!! Your advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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Hi,I am also I student.I will be doing my preceptorship in the burn unit for 5 weeks. I ordered a wound care, a burn nursing text,and also read "Burn Unit" by Barbara Ravage. The books are great.There are courses you can take, not sure where you live. Search online,they are called ABC's of Burn Care or something like that. I will have a look and get back to you. Hope that helps, I am very excited myself for the opportunity and am happy to share any resources etc!

I currently work on a burn unit and I was hired there as a brand new rn. I think that best advice I could give you is that I believe the reason why I was hired had everything to do with attitude. They can teach most people the skills but it takes a special person to be in this unit, not just because these people are in a lot of pain and have lots of dressings to be changed but because you have to deal with a lot of domestic violence situations and other psychologic issues aka they try to kill themselves by setting themselves on fire.

ANyways I hope that this helps if you have any questions please let me know...

ps why burn unit? I know why I wanted to do it but I was just wondering