Advice for Australian RN wanting to obtain registration in the US


  • Specializes in Operating Theatre/OR. Has 15 years experience.

Hi there,

I have been doing research into obtaining nursing registration in the US (specifically Virginia). I have not started my CES report process yet as I am certain I will be deemed deficient in maternal/newborn/obstetrics. 

The Virginia BON suggested I try and make up for these lacking hours before getting a CES report, but I am struggling to find a way to complete these hours without having to enrol in a whole new degree.

Has anyone else had success completing these hours within Australia? 

I have been working as a perioperative nurse for 15 years, have a Grad Cert and Masters degree and also work as a Perioperative Nurse Surgical Assistant (PNSA). I am finding it quite disheartening that all this experience doesn't count for much and am hoping to hear some success stories of gaining US registration as an Australian RN!