Adventist Health Question + Hirevue Software Question


Hi, all! After a crushing and humiliating first interview experience for a new grad position a couple months ago, I've finally landed another one. This time, with Adventist Health in Hanford, CA. So my question is twofold (or like eight-fold, if I'm being honest) to keep from clogging things up by starting 2 new threads.

First, does anyone here currently work for Adventist Health in California? If so, can you tell me a bit about what the work culture is like? I admittedly know very little about how faith-based hospital organizations are run, and while it doesn't put me off in the least, I am curious about it, especially being agnostic. Is there as much prayer as the initial pre-application screening questions have led me to believe there is? I'm actually very supportive of prayer for those who believe in it, but I might be a deer in the headlights if anyone asked me to lead a prayer with them - mostly because I don't know any. (I can foresee it going something like, "Dear we ask you to please, um, take this woman in your arms...? Wait, no. Aack. Don't take her yet! Don't. Don't take her!" aaaaaaand fired.)

Second, did you begin the interview process with the Hirevue digital interview? If so, do you remember if you're able to practice and then leave the session altogether, or do you have to complete the practice and the interview in a single session? I'd like to practice for a couple days, and then get to the interview this weekend, but if I have to do it all in one sitting, I'll definitely just practice into my webcam without the software prompts. Also, if you had the Hireview interview, do you remember how in-depth the questions were? Were they general sort of behavioral questions, or were there any clinical scenarios? Were there any questions about faith or religion? I know most interviews ask the same sorts of questions, but if anyone remembers being asked anything that stood out to them, please elaborate, if you don't mind.

I am terrible about tripping over my own tongue and starting, stopping, and restarting sentences from the very beginning if I don't word things the way I want to, and it's something I need to work very hard on correcting (I think it comes off as being scattered and inarticulate), but without proper preparedness/rehearsal beforehand, I already know I'll be a mess, so the more info I can get, the better.

Thank you in advance!


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Hi there,

Hope your interview went well.

So, I also have a Hirevue digital interview with Adventist health and need a little help. Do you have any suggestions for the Hirevue interview? Also, Can you share some interview questions? thanks in advance!!