UAB Spring 2013

  1. Hello!
    I recently found out that I was accepted into UAB's NP program! I was wondering who else will be attending UAB in the spring for their master's.
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  3. by   elfRN
    Which specialty are you doing? I received instructions to complete a drugscreen/background check last week, but I still haven't received an acceptance letter. I'm slightly confused...
  4. by   RollTiderRN
    I will be starting the FNP program at UAB in Jan 2013...excited but nervous! I wish I knew some people close to me to have some study buddies! Where do you all live? I'm in Dothan, AL
  5. by   nicurn426
    Congrats! I'm doing neonatal np. That's weird that you haven't received your acceptance. You might want to call them, they only give u 10 days to accept.
    I'm in Birmingham!
  6. by   Cjdob2
    I got accepted into their post masters adult acute NP program. Sooo excited! I haven't got the email in reference to the background check and drug screen. I've called twice, want to get it done before I go out of the country for a week! Congrats to everyone I'm in NC
  7. by   Tnmom3
    New to forum. I start spring '13 acnp. I read many comments on here to decide between USA or uab. Finally, choose uab. God, I hope that was the right thing to do. I live in Memphis, TN. I was placed in Patho and issues, but I've taken Patho and health policy (not sure if same as issues). Good luck, hope to hear great advice, and maybe other students in Memphis
  8. by   Cjdob2
    Congrats! Those are the classes that I have as well. In the process of getting patho waived. I have my masters in nursing education but I can't remember if I've taken a health policy class. We shall see. Maybe we will be In some classes together! Have you gotten your email for the background check and drug screen? I haven't which is causing a hold on my account....,,
  9. by   Tnmom3
    I have done background and drug test. It still lists as a hold though. Gonna figure out the immunization and physical today. I am sooo excited and have no clue what to expect!
  10. by   nicurn426
    I've finished my drug screen and background check and still have a hold. Im thinking I may have to call to get those removed. Got my physical today, so I think all I left to do is register!
  11. by   Cjdob2
    Me too! I faxed all my physical information. It was much quicker. When I called about getting the holds removed they referred me to Ms. Burgett, I haven't been able to reach her though. I'm ready to register and purchase my books....
  12. by   Cjdob2
    @elfRN did you get clarification if you were accepted or not?
  13. by   Cjdob2
    Finally was able to register for class! So excited!
  14. by   nicurn426
    I was able to register too! What r u taking? I'm taking patho and issues.