Texas license issues-APRN

  1. Didn't know if anybody had any insight on how to obtain your advanced practice nursing license. I submitted my application on Sept 12, 2011 and still haven't received my license. They notified me that my transcript was missing Oct 21, 2011 and they received it on Oct 24, 2011. I don't understand why it has taken 8 weeks to process my application for my licensure. Does actually going to the building make a difference? I already have been offerred a position and it has become embarrassing on the amount of time it is taking to get my paperwork situated. Any thoughts on how to speed the process up?
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  3. by   jasy
    Texas board doesnt work, massachussets issues aprn license within a day. Texas board is very rude and inconsiderate in answering calls, they are telling upfront on your face dont call us, they dont even acknowledge whether they received your documents or not never seen such a lazy organization in USA, did you get your license? I applied on 23rd of december till now no news. i dont know if u goto their office if they will talk to u, ill wait one more day and ill go. Very Rude and Inconsiderate board of nursing, wonder who elect these people!!!!
  4. by   jasy
    I received an email today saying that they are missing my transcripts too. I mailed two documents at the same time one was received by them the other did not, what is going on with Texas board????? same thing happened to you Traci, how can they receive one document and miss the other document which were mailed out at the time same time. Actually my transcripts are mailed out two times from my school once on december 3rd and another one on january 5th. this is just ridiculous.
  5. by   marvinskbaby1
    I applied for my texas license before I graduated in Dec...I applied in November. I didnt get my license until Feb. it's a long process. Good thing I applied before graduation. You can check the status of your application online. Your best line of communication with the texas board is email. BUT ITS A LONG PROCESS, HURRY UP AND WAIT!