Starting MSN at St. Francis University anyone Else?

  1. So starting FNP program at University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL.
    Was wondering if any one else is starting in January or recently. I've learned it's always good to network and meet others in same field. Any one going full-time and working full-time? Class schedules, work load, etc. Any comments and insights would be great
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  3. by   gma4740
    Me too. Second class on rn-msn, apn program. Taking research this spring.
  4. by   elppaym
    Hi gma4740,

    What class did you start off with? What did you think of the first week?
  5. by   gma4740
    I started with nurs 610, NP Issues. Very new stuff to learn about. Never had the opportunity as RN to face and knpw what's going on with np. As class was challenging too. I had that class over summer and had to post two discussions every week, in top of weekly assignment. At the end it was worth it, learned a lot.