NP student needing clinicals in the Charlotte, NC area

  1. I am a distance FNP student entering my final year of school. Unfortunately my fall preceptorship fell through, last week! The week before the semester started back up. Now I am having extreme difficulty locating a new preceptor for the fall. I am looking for family, OB, or Peds. I live outside of Charlotte, closer to the mountains and am willing to drive any where near and further outside of Charlotte. If anyone could possibly guide me in the right direction or possibly precept me that would be great! I have contacted via phone and in person about 50 clinics, AHEC, the NC NP association, and every contact in the medical world that I have. Unfortunately a hospital system I have contacted nearby in SC and in NC will not allow me to do clinicals with any of their physicians office because my school does not currently have a contract with them. My school does have a contract with Carolinas Health Care. Thank you!
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  3. by   ryguyRN
    Try using the eNP network, it helped me to network and I received several clinical preceptors from using the preceptor directory and the access pass. It cost $20 but was worth it.
  4. by   OKIFNP
    I wish I could help you. I just graduated and am studying for boards. All of my preceptors either have someone or are not precepting students. Have you tried to figure out who the coordinator at Novant and CHS are? I don't know them, but it's just a thought. I also attend MCNP (Metrolina Coalition of Nurse Practitioners) monthly dinner meetings with other NPs and have been able to network there. You have to pay and then email to reserve your spot monthly and it's not always guaranteed depending on the number of spaces they have. They do have a message board that you could email the admin person to see if she would post your need on there....just a thought! Sorry I can't help more.