NP or PA- Interested in Women's Health/OBGYN

  1. I am interested in working in the field of Women's Health/OB/GYN. Alot of jobs I've seen hire either one for the job. I will be applying to soon to programs but I'm not sure what route to take. I have my bachelors in a different field. It'd be around $60,000 for the PA program and $100,000 for the accelerated BSN and NP around where I am. That's a big difference.

    However, for this field, is it better to be a NP or a PA and why?
    If its an NP, Id preferably like the WHNP route as I have no interest in FNP but have been reading lately that the FNP would be marketable if I couldn't find a job right away in women's health.

    My other question is from NPs out there or pple who know them, like the additional independence of being a NP? PAs are supervised by physicians and although I love independence, perhaps having someone to 'turn to' and not being as responsible would be also valuable things. I'm really confused on this one.
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  3. by   perioddrama
    There are some direct to MSN programs (if you have a different BA/BS) that are not $100K. I think they were around 70-80K last time I checked.

    FNP is more marketable. If you don't want to work with peds, you don't have to. You can solely concentrate on women's health in your career.

    As to PA vs. NP, it really is a preference. Do you want to have a nursing model background or have a medical model background?

    It depends on what state you live in. Some nurse practitioners work independently of physicians while others work under/collaboratively with a doctor.

    Bottom line, do your research if money (and loans) are a big factor.

    Good luck!