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  1. Hello! I am attempting to write my personal goal statement for application to grad school to get my acute care NP. I have looked up and read some other peoples statements and wanted to see if I was headed in the direction!! This is my first rough rough draft. any insight would be appreciated!! thanks My goalis to continue my nursing education through Vanderbilt's RN prespecialtyprogram to become a licensed Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NursePractitioner. My goal is to provideexcellent advanced nursing care to both the adult and elderly population withacute, chronic, and critical illnesses in an acute care facility. I want the challengeof caring for patients with multiple complex medical conditions during allstages of their adult lives. Vanderbilt'sprogram attracted me because of its intensive accelerated program and that itis offered to ASN nurses like myself. Ialso was excited to learn that the professors were currently practicing intheir fields of nursing and in research.
    I have been an RN for almost threeyears. I have spent this time either working on a very busy cardiac rehabilitationunit or at a long term acute care facility. As a cardiac nurse I worked veryclosely with cardiologists and their nurse practitioners. I always try to soak up any knowledge offeredfrom these professionals. They always comment on my eagerness to learn andability to pick up on things quickly. I have been encouraged by many of thesepeople to further my education. As a nurse you spend a lot of the timefollowing orders wrote by these individuals. I sometimes encounter that I willunderstand a general idea of why we are using specific treatments but I alwayshave a desire to know more. I want to know as much about the why of things sothat I am more informed and can better inform my patients. I love when these professionals take the timeto explain something in more detail to me. I love to learn and have always beenmotivated to do so. I have a passion for cardiology. I love the heart and the intricacyof its anatomy and physiology. I distinctly remember my pre nursing professorin biology who was also fascinated with the heart and shared this with me. One of my primary goals is to work at ________Hospital as an APN with one of the hospitalists groups or with one ofthe many specialty consulting groups. It would be fantastic to work with one ofthe cardiology groups but I believe this specialty will give me the skills andknowledge to work anywhere within the acute care facility. I want to be able touse my skills and expertise to contribute and be an asset to a team that servesmany different patient groups in my community.
    I have learned how to workefficiently and with confidence as an individual as well as part of amultidisciplinary team. I am very hardworking and can learn new skills easily. I have extremely high academic andprofessional expectations for myself. I am well versed at multitasking and timemanagement. I thrive in a high energy, high stress, and ever changingatmosphere. I have leadership, communication, and critical thinking skillsrequired to be successful in this role. I believe the combination of thesecharacteristics as well as my constantly growing interest in medicine and howto implement my knowledge to care for patients as an advanced care nurse makeme an excellent candidate for this program. I want to forever expand myknowledge through experiences, continuing education, and research. I am excitedand encouraged that I can achieve my goals through this program and that itwill give me the opportunity to have a fulfilling rewarding life dedicated toworking with people and doing what I love.
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    Your on the right track. Go back and proof read it and make it less wordy. Make it more focused...