Goal Statement for Graduate School (WHNP)

  1. This is my first rough draft for my goal statement. Towards the end of this statement I am still trying to find the right way to explain why I want to become an advanced practice nurse. I just want some input on if I am doing this correctly. Thanks!

    Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Goal Statement

    I have been reflecting on why I have chose the path to become a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner over other specialties and it's very clear that my passion has brought me here. I remember being in high school, dreaming of delivering babies and being involved in obstetric care. I found women's health to be fascinating from the intricate pathophysiology of pregnancy to the vital balance of the endocrine and reproductive systems. After graduation, I decided to attend the local community college in Louisville, KY where I then got accepted into their associate degree nursing program.

    Throughout this nursing program, my clinical hours were spent in various healthcare settings such as: rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities and different local hospitals. Last spring was by far the greatest semester, where I had the great opportunity of doing my clinical hours on a labor and delivery unit and a postpartum unit. These clinical hours were very beneficial and I consider them the spark that lit the fire inside of me. This clinical rotation very much confirmed my passion and gave me the motivation to pursue my dreams.

    This past summer I had an even greater opportunity when I was a nurse extern on a labor and delivery unit at ___________ in Louisville, KY. I spent seven weeks providing direct patient care under the supervision of a nurse preceptor. These seven weeks provided me with much more hands-on experience, where I was able to play an active role in the process from antepartum to postpartum. I strengthened my basic nursing skills during this time and I also became educated on more challenging skills such as cervical checks and analyzing fetal monitoring. The close collaboration that I experienced with advanced practice nurses and physicians was remarkable. I was always thankful for their eagerness to teach me new things about the obstetric world.

    I want to become an advanced practice nurse because I (I am working on perfecting this paragraph!)

    With this said, I am thrilled and delighted to be applying to ____________School of Nursing. I have high expectations for this program and I am positive I will receive the essential education that will be crucial for my success as a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner.
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  3. by   TNnursehopeful
    WHNP's do not catch babies and mainly do gyn/ primary care; I would focus on correlating primary care and client education into your essays. Good luck!
  4. by   WHNPgirl
    Yes, I definitely will correlate that into my 4th paragraph. I am aware that I will be working in an OBGYN office and will be working within my scope of practice as a WHNP. I was only trying to explain my experience.
    Thank you for your input! I will be editing soon!