Frontier Nursing University Class 127

  1. HI Everyone,

    Is there anyone else out there who has applied for FNU Class 127 (June 2014 Frontier Bound)? I am a 2011 FNU graduate from the Bridge/CWHCNP program and have decided to return for my FNP and probably my DNP. I thought I would start this thread for all of us who are now in the waiting game for finding out whether or not we were accepted.

    So, is anyone else in the same boat as me...waiting, waiting, waiting? I am assuming we won't know anything until April (ugh...that seems so far away!)
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  3. by   ssalulu
    I'll wait with you. Saw that the deadline was extended, so I finished my portfolio and submitted yesterday.
  4. by   sweetfreedomgirl
    I noticed they extended the deadline as well. I assume that means they didn't have enough applicants by the original deadline. Which program did you apply for? Good luck to you in getting accepted. Frontier is an excellent school!
  5. by   ssalulu
    CNEP. Good luck to you also. I'm worried that my statistics classes aren't acceptable enough, but I guess you don't know unless you try!
  6. by   sweetfreedomgirl
    Very true!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you! What part of the country are you from?
  7. by   tljames
    I am also playing the waiting game for class 127!!��
  8. by   Fullmoon9
    I am waiting for 127, too... Last time I spoke with admissions , I was told that they were trying to get their responses out faster...
  9. by   sweetfreedomgirl
    Welcome Fullmoon9 and tljames! What program did you apply for? I am hoping we find out sooner than the 6-8 weeks prior to FB. I noticed the last class was about 10 1/2 weeks. That would be next week.
  10. by   tljames
    I applied for the FNP program, and will most likely continue into the DNP program. I am from Georgia! I hate waiting
  11. by   sweetfreedomgirl
    Same here....on all counts! FNP program and probably DNP (I already have my WHCNP from Frontier). And I also hate waiting! I applied in early Feb, so it already seems like forever! I am from Washington state.
  12. by   tljames
    Gosh, waiting since February would seem like forever! Where at in Washington State? I lived in Spokane for 6 years Loved it there!! Hoping to get back some day!
  13. by   sweetfreedomgirl
    I live near Pullman, so not too far from Spokane! Small world!
  14. by   Brynne33
    I am also anxiously awaiting a response for class 127. Stalking my email and this forum daily!