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  1. Hey All

    I have a contract that I have been debating. It is for a derm position in NY and I am paid a salary of $70K yearly with $5K yearly increase. I will be paid productivity bonus for money billed over 350,000 in incremenets of 10%, 15% and 20% over $500,000. I get 4 wks paid vaca. (1 wk every 3 months, $1000 for CME. )

    I will be trained to do all biopsies and simple surgical procedures. I have to though sign a contract for 5 yrs and if I leave, I have to refund them for training.

    My question is, its this a good deal or not. This is my 1st NP job and offer. I am interviewing for PC care jobs, and honestly, I am loosing interest in primary care and I think that I need a specialty practice to focus on fewer diagnosis and to become skilled instead of being a jack of all trades.

    What do you think? Any thoughts?
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  3. by   Green turtle
    Your deal sounds better than the offer I got.
    They offered you 2 weeks more vacation and a better tier for bonuses. The salary I was offered was similar, but the physician covered the expense of my training by saying he would only pay me 1/2 salary for a 3 month training period... He did not offer a $5000 per year raise.
    I am in a more rural part of the country than you, and was straight out of NP school when I recieved this offer.
    Did they include paying for your malpractice and CEUs? Also, make sure your contract states they have to give you notice prior to termination or reducing your hours.
    (Caution!! Make them put your offer in writing. My offer was verbal only and I paid dearly for being too trusting.)
    Good LUCK!
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  4. by   dojos
    I spoke to this same group about a derm NP job NJ PA and NY locations
    same 5 year contract

    doc was a pompous ass- i googled him not good reviews
    think long before you sign
  5. by   MissDoodaw
    So did you take the job?.....
  6. by   dojos
    are you kidding??
  7. by   pinkbubbles31
    No I did not take the job. I just cant lock myself into a 5 yr deal. Had way too much anxiety over what can possibly go wrong in 5 yrs.