Adult primary care or adult acute care

  1. Hey everyone,
    I am a nurse from India. I have been working in a ward with adult patients with medical illnesses for three years. Now i am applying for MSN program . Most of the schools happen to offer Adult primary care as well as Adult acute care. Can someone describe what exactly do they cover under these two programs ? And how are they different ? I want to work in a hospital setting, which one should i be choosing ?
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  3. by   HeartNursing3
    Acute care for inpatient. Primary care for outpatient.
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    If you're sure that you want to work in a hospital setting as an NP, the ACNP track is a better fit. Both ACNP and ANP (or aptly called AGACNP or AGPCNP now) cover majority of the management of healthcare problems in the adult and geriatric population similar to a physician training in Internal Medicine. The difference is in the focus with primary care focusing more on the office-based or out-patient role of an Internist and acute care focusing on the Hospitalist role. Clinical rotations reflect that. You'll have clinical rotations in offices in primary care and hospitals in acute care. Acute care also allows you to pick acute care based specialty clinical rotations depending on your areas of interest such as Cardiology, Critical Care, Trauma, etc.
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    ^^ What they said.
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