1. Hi everyone!
    I'm done with school finally and have my approval letter to test. This week I will be getting my ATT code and will be scheduling my AANP exam for sometime in Aug. I already have a job that I can officially begin in Oct or sooner if I pass sooner, but need some help: I AM TOTALLY FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE BOARDS!!!!

    I did the Fitz review in May and have been doing periodic studying through my last semester in grad school, but now that I'm done I've really been hunkering down. I have a big question book, the Winland-Brown (found here: http://fhea.com/store/productdetail....oks.aspx?Id=14) and have been doing questions here and there and find that I either know it or I don't and generally score in the 60s. Fitz says you need to score in the 80s which is making me panic. I also bought an exam from familynpprep.com and plan on taking that for sh$%s and giggles this weekend and then buying more... I even did the AANP TestTrac practice exam and scored a 66% which was the minimum passing...

    I have worked with an amazing preceptor all through school, who tells me I'm really smart, but I don't feel smart! I'm so afraid of failing... I want to schedule this damn thing to take it in the next 3 weeks, but I'm just so scared... I know I'm probably freaking myself out, but I'm afraid of failing, afraid of having to put our more money, which I don't really have, and I don't want to stay at my current job any longer than I have to.

    I could really use some help. Anyone else feel like their dining room table is full of stuff that they keep finding they have to review? I also feel like I am so under prepared by my NP program which is also bumming me out... any help to calm me down would be great!
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