AANP FNP Exam on Wed. Failed APEA's Practice Test after taking THEIR review course!!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm scheduled to take my AANP Exam on Wednesday. I attended the APEA review course in June and yesterday finished going through the book again, while listening to their audio. Basically, I can say that I know everything in the APEA manual, blow by blow.

    I found Amelie Hollier to be a really organized, instructor. Course was great. She used great examples and honestly explained things and made it sound so simple! So I was looking forward to take 150 question mock exam in order to gauge my understanding.

    The results of my test shocked me to the core. As a result of this, I am spending my time worrying rather than focusing on anything in particular. The problem is that the stuff that she taught on the review has minimal relationship with her own practice test! During the review, there were question and answer session and everything seemed to fall in place. Questions had relationship with review. But all of a sudden, taking her Mock exam I made a 60%, which is the lowest score I have ever imagined in my life.

    I have 4 job interviews waiting on me, which are all very promising, and I'm so worried that all will be lost if I don't pass this test :-( I do have a Leik book which seems pretty organized but I'm pretty discouraged on finding errors here and there. eg. She states most common skin cancer is Squamous cell carcinoma, which is wrong.

    Any last minute advise would be really appreciated.
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  3. by   pattyweb
    Have you done the practice test on the AANP website? You have to pay like $50, but I thought it gave me a good understanding of the real test and helped me see how I was doing.
  4. by   APN Under Construction
    Thanks for response. I had purchased the AANP practice test from the website and before and after review. I scored 54% before review and 75% after. I so thought I was ready to test. But with the results from APEA test I'm terribly scared.
  5. by   nitasarn
    75% after test score is pretty good.
  6. by   RNOB
    I just took the exam on AANP website to prepare & got a 62% & they say passing is 66%...GRRR!!!