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Does anyone know how long LPNs and transfer students have to wait to enter Block 3 of the Nursing program? I have heard many different things. I have heard that some people get right in and others have to wait a year or more. I know it's kind of early, but if everything goes well, I will finish the LPN program December 2014.


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Its hard to give a definitive answer because wait times depend on a few factors. One is if you are completing LPN school at Gateway, I believe they hold a certain number of spots just for LPNs bridging right to RN. As for the rest of the applicant, it depends both on how many people apply for block 3 entry and how many students fail or drop from block 1 and 2. Usually its either no wait or up to 2-3 semesters wait. It would be best to just ask a nursing advisor what the current wait is to get an idea of what it could be when you apply.


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I was able to get right into block 3. I did my LPN at Gateway in 2012 and then found out that SCC was offering an advanced placement cohort over the Summer (I think this was their test run with doing a specific cohort of advanced placement people). I think they will probably do it again since most of my class graduated this December. :)


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I graduated the LPN program at Gateway in May. I took the summer and fall to finish prerecs and submitted my application last week. I was immediately placed in the advanced placement program at Gateway that starts in January!


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In addition to what others have said, you also have to bear in mind your HESI-PN score. MCCD requires this test for advanced placement or transfers. 850 minimum to be considered. >1000 gets their attention. 1200 and chances are they will accept you immediately. Do NOT postpone going straight into the program. If you are taking your LPN at an MCCD college, you also can have a shorter wait time by networking and getting instructor recommendations. Most that were in my LPN course (Gateway) were accepted right away with no wait. The ones that started working right away and came back later had not only a wait, but a harder time having to retake the HESI-PN.

Thank you for replying Crosshatch. In regards to getting accepted immediately, do you mean the following semester? For example: graduating in Dec and starting in Jan? Or do you have to wait a semester to turn in your application, gather all of your information, etc.? I understand that it is very important to get as high of a score as you can on the HESI-PN. Like many others, I want to go straight in to Block 3. I want as less of a wait as possible.


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Im currently about to start block 3 at CGCC (I was told our class is the last accelerated program). A classmates husband just finished up the LPN program a few months ago and is now going to be in block 3 with us. He said it depends on how many slots are available. I believe we only lost 3 or 4 people so their arent too many places available to begin with, but the wait isnt nearly as long as starting from block 1.