Adult Nursing Class


Hi all,

I am about to enter and Adult Nursing Class in January, for my LPN program.

I am quite worried, because many students at my school have told me it's difficult...a lot of reading and memorization. The only info I could get out of them (besides the look of fear and

doom :eek: ) is that it has to do with diseases, and that knowing anatomy and physiology will come in handy. I had A&P in an 8 week summer course and survived, so I think I'll be ok. However, can anyone tell me if they have had a course they believe may be like Adult Nursing, and how they felt it was. I realize I don't have a lot of info (our semester is now over for three weeks, so I can't ask anyone at school), however, the name of the book we will be using is Understanding Medical Surgical Nursing by Williams/Hopper.

Thanks guys:D


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