Adult-Gero Primary Care NP in Plastics Office?

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New AGNP with a question...

Can an adult-gero primary care NP work in a plastic surgery office seeing post-op patients?

No, there would be no rounding in the hospital.

No, there would be no stepping in the OR -- strictly in the clinic seeing post-op patients, and doing injectables (this part I know I can for sure do). 

I will also be contacting my BON for clarification. Thanks in advance!

Evet B

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I am in the application process for the Adult-Gerontology Primary Care NP Program.  I have been for 28 years and most of that time was in home health. I did visits as well as consulting for start-ups. I am 70 years old and about to retire, but I reassessed my circumstance and decided I needed to complete this NP Program.  Discovering  Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Speciality was a blessing because I feel kind of rustic to take on any other specialty. I feel very confident dealing with Gergenterlogy since that is the population I am most familiar with.  Is there anything that I should know? I am under the impression that my clinical /preceptorship would be as a clinic. Please, no hospital for me!! At this time, I am working with Walden as my school of choice


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