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Adolescent Psych Unit Ages 12-17 - CNA Position


Has 5 years experience.

Hello Everyone,

I need advice, wisdom, knowledge, tips and tricks from mainly CNA's. LVN and RN are welcome especially if they understand what the CNA does on a regular shift at a psych ward.

I just recently applied and have been extended a job offer to an adolescent psych unit in a California Hospital. I have worked in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, memory care, rehabilitation, long term care, short term care, post-acute, pulmonary, and sub acute units thus far as a CNA. This was working with people ages 23 to 105 years old generally the elderly population.

This new job as a CNA in the adolescent unit and at a hospital is going to be very new to me. It is a 15 bed inpatient locked facility treating adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems including:

Adjustment disorder

Anxiety disorders (including social anxiety)

Asperger's disorder

Autism spectrum disorder

Chronic illness

Conduct disorder

Developmental disorders

Learning disabilities

Major depression

Manic depression (bipolar disorder)

Oppositional defiant disorder

Mood disorders

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia)


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


Separation anxiety disorder

Teen suicide

Tic disorders (such as Tourette's Syndrome)

If you have any advice or experience as a CNA with adolescent psych unit or general experience of psych units please help by sharing the tea.