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ADN at Wayne Community College

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Just wondering if anyone has gone through the

ADN program at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, NC. If so, what was your personal experiences and any recommendations when applying for the program? I'm praying to start 2018. Thank you

I'm new to Goldsboro, and looking for personal experiences with this program as well.

Welcome to Goldsboro!

Have you heard anything about the nursing program yet? I will be applying in March for the ADN program at Wayne. I haven't heard anything negative about the program, so I'm sure its going to good. Please let me know if you hear anything about it. Have a good one.

Hello ladies ! I am applying for fall 2018 as well ! I'll be taking my ACT test feb 10th. I have all of my prerequisites done by the way. I have B's in A&P 168 , 169 & 175 , English 111 . A's in PSY 150 , ENGLISH 112 , HUM 115 . C's in PSY 241 (unbelievable I know ) I was told by Mr, Brown (he's a part of the admission committee for nursing ) they only look at the English and reading section. I took a practice ACT test today and made a 30 composite score in reading and a 18 in the English section with 36 being the highest composite score for all sections. I'm brushing up on my English for sure to better my chance of getting in. The ACT is the most important part of getting selected ! I have a friend who got accepted last year with all c's in his bios and b's in English and psychology but made a 27 total composite score and he got in. I'm also applying to 5 other schools as a back up.

Hey trust Jess did you get In for fall 2018? I got waitlisted


I just got my acceptance letter about 2 weeks ago. Did you get in?

Hey, I just got an acceptance letter like 2 weeks ago. Did you hear back on weither you got accepted?

Hey, I just got an acceptance letter like 2 weeks ago. Did you hear back on weither you got accepted?

Hey sorry for the late response but I haven't checked back since i got accepted at Wilson cc for their ADN program.

@Trustjess I was wondering what your grades were to get into the ADN program and what your scores were for the ACT?? I’m looking into applying to Wayne, but would like some info. Also, how is the program so far??