ADN vs BSN course load difference?

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I've decided to go back to school and pursue nursing. I am a mom, they're 4 & 6 yrs old, and a wife. I also work part time in finance. (Open to dropping this if need be) I understand this won't be easy but I'm trying to decide which program to go for.

I'm closer to a good BSN program, but each semester is 15 hours. The ADN program is further away, adds about an hour driving each day, but each semester is only 11-12 credit hours. ADN's have no problem getting great jobs in this area but I do plan on eventually getting a BSN. I'm up for the challenge of nursing school for sure but don't want to kill myself if it's not necessary. With previous college credit, it would take me about a year longer to finish a BSN.

Can anyone enlighten me on course load differences with each program? TIA!

So, I was in a sorta similar situation. I worked full time, no kids, both schools are local. The clinicals were easier in the BSN program than the ADN program. The BSN had more papers to write, so if that's your strong point.... The driving you're considering is horrendous. I turned down other programs because of that drive. I do know people who do it, and survive, but, wow that's tough. Your BSN program will be more theory based and the ADN program will be more hands on. As a graduate of the BSN, I say go for that. The extra work you'll have to do will be paper writing at home as opposed to being in the hospital, not that that's really all that great, but..... Nursing school won't prepare you for your career as a nurse anyway, you'll have so much on the job learning that you'll have to do. Personally, I don't think I could have worked full time and done the ADN program. It just required too much time away from my house. Hope this helps a little.

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