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I am from New Jersey and hope to work either here in NJ or Manhattan. Though I prefer Manhattan. Currently I am looking at ABSN programs and ADN. I prefer ADN as I will graduate debt-free but from my understanding ADN is becoming saturated and hard to find a job, which makes me want to pursue ABSN as I will have my BSN. I already have a college degree, so this will be my second degree. I have been working for the past year as a mental health tech and ready to take the next step. Though I am very conflicted. Does anyone from NJ or who work in the city have any advice?

Do I bury myself in debt so I will have my BSN or get my ADN and be debt free and hope my employer will help pay for my BSN? I don't want to graduate struggling to find a job.


The specific program I am looking at is Hudson County Community College- does anyone have any experience attending there?

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