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ADN vs. ABSN (specific)


Hi everyone!

I've been reading other discussions about ADN vs. ABSN programs, but I wanted to share my specific situation and get some opinions.

I graduated with a Psychology degree and finished taking most of the pre-requisites such as A&P 1 and 2, Micro, Nutrition, and Stat. I previously applied to ABSN programs but was rejected. Because of that, I went to my local Community College and talked to a nursing advisor there. This CC has a point system for their nursing program, and she basically told me that I would get in if I apply this May because I have enough points. I would be able to start this coming Fall semester, and would be done in 4 semesters (including summer) so a little over a year.

However, other people including the advisor from the CC suggested ABSN programs. Since I am planning on getting a BSN eventually anyway, it would be faster for me to go straight into an ABSN program. However, I don't have money to spare, so I would have to take loans out if I choose ABSN. Also, it's not a guarantee that I would get into the programs, especially because I've been rejected before. I have A's and B's in my pre-reqs, but have a poor GPA from undergrad (2.5). That gives me a limited choices for ABSN programs that I can apply to. I do have a 3.5 in my last 30 credits tho. Also, the earliest I would be able to start is Spring 2016.

Basically, the pros and cons of ADN:

Pros: cheaper, can start in the coming fall semester, almost a guarantee of getting in

Cons: poorer job prospects, longer time to get BSN

The pros and cons for ABSN are the opposite of ADN.

Should I try to apply to ABSN again or go with a almost sure thing? I'm in the Philly area, if that helps also. Open to any kind of input!!

Thanks guys!

I would suggest to go ahead and do the BSN as most hospitals are now requiring that, at least Magnet ones. The two large ones near me have given our current ADN's 2 years to get their BSN or they don't have a job. You may look into that. I'm not sure where you are located, but there are several online one's now. University of Texas at Arlington offers a completely online BSN program with clinicals.

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