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I am interested in getting a degree in nursing, although I already have a BA in business economics. However, I am torn between applying for an ADN program at a community college right now, or waiting an extra year to improve my stats in order to apply to an ABSN program. I have heard that it will be very difficult to land a job with only an ADN, even if you are pursuing your BSN. However, I think my chances right now of getting into the ADN program are pretty good, so if i do get accepted, should I just take it??

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A lot of it depends on your local job market. In some parts of the state, ADNs have no problems getting hired. In others, not having a BSN severely limits your job options.

The job market is generally more competitive along the coast and in the major metro areas. This is where BSNs are usually preferred/required. It doesn't mean an ADN can't get a job in these areas (I did), but it's an uphill battle.

Find out the hiring trends for where you're planning to work after graduating.


If you could get accepted into an ADN program this year I would definitely go that route instead of waiting a whole year to get into an ABSN program. Then, after you graduate you can go full time RN to BSN (which is about 12 months). These programs are usually online to make it easy to work during them.

Best of luck.

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