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I am currently an RN with an Associates Degree. For the past year I have been working with NP's which has me thinking about some how getting my MS as a NP in Family Health. When I first had this thought, I was thinking it would be impossible, but with the online option, who knows! I've done some research on the different programs and am still waiting to hear something from these various colleges, but have questions. First of all, has anyone out there done a ADN to MS program online, and what did you think of it. I work and have a family, so I need something that won't end of stressing me out to much. You see I've done online photography classes from the Art Institute of Pittsburg and that was pretty major, not that you would think so, but it was. Next, are there programs that are more affordable. Also, I've considdered doing the WGU's RN to BSN program and then looking for a NP program, but it seems to be that a ADN to MS may be easier to transition, I really don't know what would be the best route. So please, if anyone has any pearl's of wisdom to share about this, please do! Thank you all in advance!


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So I've decieded to attend WGU's online rn-bsn program, that is if I pass the entrance exam! So wish me luck, I'm nervous about the math section...;)


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hi, WTG!! but i would make sure if adn-->MSN would let you practice in clinical area after you complete you MSN. From my research and from talking with various colleges, if you go from ADN to MSN and once complete the MSN you can only do teaching/admin stuff and not allow into the clinical area. Altho their ways you can go around it to get both your BSN and MSN while in the MSN program.

sorry if I am not much help, but that was my understanding... maybe someone else can come along and share their experiences/thoughts on your question.