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I know there are posts like this all the time, but i'd really love some good advice. Should I get a BSN after my ADN program? Is it worth it? the pay and hours are the same right? I have no ambition to be head of a department or whatever.


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I am asking myself that question right now. I just received my ADN and passed my boards and am unsure if I should even bother with the BSN, but then again its not that many more classes to go and it would be a sense of accomplishment. Knowing that you have the ability to go further if you want would be nice too! I am just taking a few classes here and there and think I am going to slowly plug away at it...

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I got my BSN after almost 20 years of nursing. I did it for my own personal satisfaction, that was it. I have no career advancement motives, I have done a lot of different things in nursing including management and I am happiest when I am just working as a staff RN. Someday when my old body gives out, I may need to do something less stressful, and then the BSN may payoff. If not, it doesn't matter, I did it just for me, my own sense of accomplishment. Only YOU can decide what it is worth it to you. I think if you are working in an environment that encourages and helps people go back to school, then you may be more willing. Your peers will be more likely to be in school. But if you are in an environment that does not encourage it, and not many peers are doing it, you probably won't see much value in it either. I got mine while working at Emory University. Further education was nurtured and encouraged, and they made it easy to do. Glad I did, but only for ME.

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