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I'm a new member here but I've been lurking for quite a while. I am a student at the University of Washington and I was on track to go to medical school. After a lot of thinking and researching I decided that nursing is something I'd enjoy much more than medicine. I'm really excited to change career paths and I wish I had chosen nursing much sooner :(

I'm currently in my third year and I will be graduating with two bachelor's degrees. I plan to enroll in an ADN program at a local community college and then enroll in either an ADN->BSN or ADN->MSN program. Eventually I want to become a nurse practitioner and I thought the ADN->MSN would work better for me (I qualify to obtain a Master's because I will already have a Bachelor's degree). However, after 2015, I will have to have a DNP to be a nurse practitioner. The ADN->BSN program is 4 quarters and the ADN->MSN program is 7 quarters. I can enter the DNP program at UW with either a Bachelor's in anything, a Bachelor's in Nursing, or a Master's in Nursing. This means I can follow either path.

My question is, should I do the ADN-BSN-DNP or the ADN-MSN-DNP route? The first choice would be shorter. I'm not looking for shortcuts, but I'm certainly looking to save money and enter the workforce as soon as possible. Will I be missing out if I skip either the Bachelor's or the Master's in Nursing?

Thank you!

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