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Has anyone been admitted to ABSN with any C 's?


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Hi, I hope I can help!
Granted, I have only been accepted to one, but very selective and rigorous program ABSN, I can tell you that the lowest GPA that was accepted into a 20-seat ABSN program during my time was 3.75. In addition, a TEAS score of at least 850 was required to be considered. 

If you apply to public schools, most likely you will not have any luck since the competition is extremely high. I heard that a lot of applicants already have perfect GPAs, and that some of those do not even get accepted. 

The other thing to consider is the location. If you apply to a school that is in some remote area and they struggle to attract applicants, you may be lucky with your Cs. If the school you apply to is well-known, does not struggle attracting applicants, most likely you are out of luck. Your best bet is to retake those C courses, as long as the schools you apply to will accept the retakes AND will not average out the grades. Good luck!

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