Admission process/ nln,Hesi and TEAS

U.S.A. New York


Hi all,

I'm just really confuse about the admission processes to the nursing programs here. Colleges like Lehman, NCC, QCC, York, Bmcc, etc, require you to be admitted under a general major prior to being accepted to their nursing program. If that is so, then how do so many people on this forum state that they are accepted/ applied to multiple programs when they are not matriculated students at these colleges?

Another thing that racks my head is that some of the colleges require that the student take their pre-nursing exam at their facility and the test scores wouldn't be acceptable from another school.

1.So do I just take different Hesi's or nln at the school's I want to apply to?

2.Also many schools have different pre-nursing exams. One could have the Hesi, Teas or nln...Does that mean I have to study for all 3 if I want to apply to programs that require 3 different kinds?

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