Admission Essay Tips for Nursing School Reapplication


Has anyone been dismissed from their nursing program, reapplied, and then was reaccepted? I need some advice on the essay for my application.

Here's a snapshot of my background. I was kicked out after my grandmother passed directly after our 4th test. I failed by 2 points on my class average and my appeal was rejected. I also started this question on that: I am reapplying for the fall semester (which will make one year since being dismissed). I am currently doing everything I can, but I'm lost on how to write the essay. I'm going start now and make changes on it as time goes by.

Do the same people who review your appeal look at your application and admit you into the program? What are some things should I make sure I write about? Should I include the previous difficulties I had? I know I will put what I've been doing this past year and another apology with full acceptance for my past actions and short comings.

I really appreciate any help you guys can give me as this is a really trying and all or nothing time for me!


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I would include your past difficulties but rather than using them as an excuse or as a rally cry for pity, discuss what you've learned about yourself and how you may have grown from the experiences.