Admission into Carolinas College of Health Sciences Pre-Nursing program?


I graduated from Central Piedmont Community College's Adult high school program in 2006 at the age of 19. I know that I did not have a 3.09 GPA required for admission into the pre-nursing program at CCHS. I do however have the required SAT scores, so can I still be admitted, or what are my other alternatives?


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Have you tried contacting the school? I know that they have a general education program. Our past grades don't always reflect our current abilities so maybe you can try to get enrolled in that, take a few classes just to show them that you can do the work and then transfer into the pre-nursing/nursing program. Please call the school and ask them about your options. I am sure that there is a solution. I recently graduated from Carolinas College of Health Sciences and I absolutely loved this school. Good Luck!

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