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I will graduate in August and will work in ICU 7 p - 7 a. I'm excited about the position but I am very much an "early to bed, early to rise" person.

I'm looking for suggestions that will help me adjust to my new schedule.

Many thanks.

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Keep your 3 nights in a row, keep your room dark and use a white noise machine (a fan for me). It will take a few weeks to adjust so give yourself time and don't feel like you have to be up early on your days off. I usually sleep until noon on my days off. I know some people refuse to take a sleep aid, I am not one of those people. Benadryl is a wonder if you have trouble. Good luck!


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I am the same type of person as you. I like the early to bed routine. I did not do well on the three days in a row. I preferred two on one of one on. But, all I did was sleep on that off day. It was a good thing, though, as I was rested for all of my shifts.

I use benadryl and melatonin for sleep. I do darken my windows, I have black drapes in my bedroom, and my phones are off. My roommate knows when I work and will be as silent as possible.

My words to you? Guard your sleep with all means possible. Though I started nights like you as a day person, I wouldn't work days ever. Too many people in the pie so to speak...

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