Where does one find a job in addictions nursing?

  1. That's pretty much my question. Are the jobs in in- patient rehabs? I'd love to give this area a shot, it hits close to home ( not me with the addiction). But I'd really like to help these people
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  3. by   NurseDirtyBird
    I suggest methadone clinics and psych facilities specializing in dual diagnoses. Detox facilities too. Most inpatient rehabs I know of aren't really medical facilities. They may employ a nurse for medication administration and basic health assessments, but not many.
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    Pain management clinics often have connections with addictionologists, and you can also check out prison nursing.
  5. by   Wild Irish LPN
    Corrections Nursing....sadly at least 85% of the inmates I care for have some kind of substance/mental health issues and or addictions....it is a great way to learn how to Tx these issues and develop excellent assessment skills at the same time...
  6. by   sereneintexas
    I am interested in the same, it seems like most of the jobs I have found in this field are in the northern US.
  7. by   Simply Complicated
    Any sort of psych nursing you are going to deal with addiction a ton. I'd say a good 75% of our patients seem to have a history of substance abuse. A lot of the time it goes along with the mental health problems, self medicating, etc. Detox facilities will hire nurses as well.
  8. by   amygarside
    Do you need to take a specialty course if you want to be in this kind of nursing profession?
  9. by   LilRedRN1973
    I work for the state-run psychiatric facility. I am in the outpatient clinic and see clients for about 20-30 min at a time. They come in every 3 months to see the psychiatrist. I do assessments, provide patient education, give injections, etc. I love my job because I am able to do a lot of teaching, especially when it comes to recovery. About 65% of our clients are dual dx. I'm in recovery myself and I love working with this population, although it can be exhausting and I have to practice boundaries on a daily basis. Seeing a client come in who has relapsed is admittedly difficult for me. I've been here for over 3 years and love it. I think I love the schedule almost as much as the job....Mon-Fri, 7am to 4pm with an hour for lunch. I am able to have all holidays and weekends off, which with kids is very desirable for me. I never would have ended up here if it weren't for my own experience with addiction (I was previously in the ICU) but now, I have no desire to return to a hospital setting, working 10-12 hour days. I'm looking at becoming a Certified Addictions Nurse, although there don't seem to be many, if at all, in my area.
  10. by   jtok10
    I am an RN and would like to work at an addiction clinic. There are so many addiction clinics popping up in my area and b/c my own son almost died from his addiction to heroin and anything else he could get his hands on I want to help others like the clinic that helped him. How do I apply/get a job with an addiction clinic? They don't seem to advertise.
  11. by   emptyboxcars
    And do addiction clinics hire new grads? I am also interested in this line of work. I did an observation day on the Detox Unit at the hospital and *loved* it. I really enjoyed the teaching and patient interaction. If they do consider new grads, how can I make myself more marketable to this niche?
  12. by   frenchpoodle11
    Looking for a second job in a Psyc facility. I have been doing Psyc nursing for 17 plus years. If anyone knows of any in the Front Range Colorado area let me know.
  13. by   garnetgirl29
    I'm a new grad working in a detox/mental health clinic. I found this job by word of mouth. They didn't advertise, so I called the clinic to ask if they were hiring new grad LPNs and was instructed to complete an application on their website and email it directly to the site director. I had applied to numerous jobs nearly every weekday for 2 months before I found this one, then in the same week was called for an interview to a LTC facility, which I turned down because I had already accepted this position. I haven't been here long, but aside from the very demanding drug seekers, I like my job. There's good & bad with any job, so I do my best to take it in stride. Just find out the names of all the addictions facilities in your area and start calling or visiting with resumes in hand. Good luck!!
  14. by   frosti1031
    I work in a state-run inpatient level III.7 addictions treatment center. Keep checking if no nursing jobs are currently posted. We are always looking for pool nurses too. https://svc.mt.gov/statejobsearch/se...ts.aspx?size=0