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I am returning to the workforce after raising my beautiful babies. I would like to return to my dream of becoming an nurse. I am an adult that does take A.D.D medication. I do not need any special treatment whatsoever while on my medication. My question is this.

Can I even become a nurse if I am on an RX of Ritalin? I know it falls into a amphetamine class and would of course show up on any drug screen. Will this exclude me from School , clinicals and/or future employment?

While I am on my medication you would never assume I have A.D.D

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As long as you have a valid script, you should be ok. I am on a strong painkiller for my fibro and I was told it was fine as long as I had a script. It does not alter me in any way. I don't get high off of it, it is strictly for pain. I have been on the same dosage for over 3 years. You are not the only one who takes meds and is wants to be a nurse.


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I'm also a nontraditional student with ADHD and I'm prescribed 2 meds daily for my ADHD vyvanse and adderall (both are stimulants and controlled substances). I also take xanax for anxiety as needed and a sleeping pill which is a controlled substance as well…..I have my RX and list them on my sheet when I take a drug test. I have learned one thing in the 4 yrs I have been taking my pre-reqs….nursing students for the most part are medicated.

Please do not be unopen to the idea of accommodations… least just register with the student disability services department…It's normally a long process and if things start to go south quick you will already have this safety net in place. I experienced a difficult time when I took patho. I was stubborn and hardheaded and wouldn't use the accommodations that I was allowed…I ended up with a D in the class…took the class 3 weeks later in a 24 day mini-term and used my accommodations final grade-A! You would be very surprised how much of a difference testing in a quite room or in a room with a noise machine can make a difference when you are having to critically think your way though a nursing exam


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Congratulations on going back to school! I echo what has been already said. As long as you are taking it as prescribed by your physician for the purpose of treating your ADHD you should not have any problems as far as keeping your diagnosis confidential. It becomes a HIPPA issue. It is your private medical information and shouldn't be shared with anyone without your permission. Also, the Americans with Disabilities Act does provide protection for those with ADHD as long as only reasonable accommodations are required for you to perform your job, then an employer and a school cannot discriminate against you by law. Especially since you do not anticipate any accommodations being required by your employer or school then there should be no reason at all for any discussion of not accepting you as a candidate or employee.

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