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Acute pediatric np programs, quality education

by pediicunurse pediicunurse (New) New Nurse Student

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Hi guys! I have a question..I have read through most forums here and did not find something specific so here it goes. I am interested in pursuing my acute pediatric np degree. I really love my patients and want to be the best for them! I have seen so many programs..a lot online with clinicals wherever you live and a few days on campus a couple of times, etc... this is ideal as I am currently a travel RN. However, does this compromise the quality of education? I am interested in also doing an acute pedi fellowship afterward and want to be pretty well prepared!

I've currently applied to UTA in Arlington online and Drexel University online... considering also texas tech. I haven't found much reviews for any acute pnp program and would so appreciate everyone's input!!

I am truly looking for quality education, thanks for reading!!

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babyNP., APRN

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US news and world report does a ranking of PNP programs which is probably a good starting point but I wouldn’t look at it as the only thing.

juan de la cruz, MSN, RN, NP

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There's really not a lot of acute care PNP programs in existence so even the online programs are based in established universities with enough resources to create quality didactic content. However, one of the shortcomings of online programs is their relative inability to adequately monitor your progress in the clinical setting compared to in-campus programs where you have a base hospital or hospitals on site because the preceptors in the online programs are not directly affiliated with the program itself. There is also quite a struggle with finding preceptors since that is a task students have to do in many cases. I think a guaranteed route would be to attend a local program with a Children's Hospital as part of the campus but I know that is realistically not always an option for some.