Acute Care NP personal statement


I am looking for feedback on my personal statement for University of South Florida's Adult-Gero Acute Care NP program. Thanks for your help!

Statement of Professional Goals

After two years of working on the orthopedic unit at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, I had an epiphany within myself to learn more about my specialty area as well as others. When Sarasota Memorial Hospital became a Level II Trauma Center in May 2015, I knew I had found my niche. This was the perfect opportunity for me to expand my skills and knowledge. I am passionate about orthopedics and have gained multitudes of information about total joint replacements and fractures, but as I matured in my career I started to become captivated towards the acutely ill patient population. I find myself intrigued by patient admissions from the emergency room and intensive care unit. When the hospital received its trauma certification, our orthopedic patient population changed drastically. I was no longer dealing with the usual joint replacement and hip fracture patients. My patients were now involved in vehicle and motorcycle accidents as well as other traumas. It has been a major, dramatic learning curve for me, but also thrilling. When my unit was turned into an orthopedic trauma step-down unit, I received the chance to expand my knowledge into other areas of nursing. This experience overall has helped prepare me to further my education by becoming an Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.

The patients on the trauma step-down unit are not always guaranteed to be orthopedic patients. I appreciate using my skills and knowledge to help heal patients that have multiple system traumas as well as orthopedic injuries. It allows me to think critically and work closely with the mid-level practitioners and physicians on the trauma team. The adult patients on my unit are seventeen and older, and I enjoy the diversity that comes along with caring for a wide variety of patients. I want to immerse myself into patient care by becoming an AG-ACNP. The increase in the acutely ill older adult and the lack of physicians creates a need for more nurse practitioners in the hospitals. The percentage of Sarasota County's residents over 65 years of age is expected to increase from 30% to 40% by 2030 (How are we aging? 2012). The hospital populations will more than likely reflect this. I want to be at the front lines in making decisions about these patients' care beyond the bedside. Furthering my education is how I feel I will be able to be the most proficient advocate for my patient's in the future. I will still be able to provide care in the holistic way that bedside nursing has taught me, but it will be catered toward the specific needs of the community.

As an AG-ACNP, I want to work in a hospital setting. Hospitalists and Nurse Practitioners play a vital role in the health care system. After working extensively with the trauma nurse practitioners on my unit, I feel that I could make the most prevalent impact as a nurse practitioner on the trauma team. I want to work mainly in the emergency room, intensive care units, and step-down units. I would care for trauma patients on several different units of the hospital, all who have different levels of acuity which interest me the most. Additionally, I would provide follow up care and education at a clinic once a week for trauma patients who have been discharged.

Attending the University of South Florida for my Master's degree would provide me with the proper tools and skills to advance my career to provide the best patient care that I can. It is the only AG-ACNP program in the state university system, so it is the opportunity of a lifetime for me. USF's mission statement and values align closely with mine, placing an importance on research and evidence based practice to improve patient health. Completing my Master's degree and gaining experience as a Nurse Practitioner will prepare me for my future doctoral study at USF. The AG-ACNP program will challenge and help me to further pursue a rewarding career that has meaning to me. The last time I saw my grandfather, he said, You are built for a challenge.” I agree with him; I am highly motivated and determined to succeed.