ACT exam?


hey is there anyone out there taking (or already has taken) the ACT entrance exam? Any advice?


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Hi I am taking the ACT Dec. 13 I have been studying the Kaplan book got it at the library. I wish I did not have to take it ,I know it is going to be hard to make a 19 after being out of school for 22 years


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Yeah, I take mine the end of December. I'm currently in a bridge to college program for an accelerated 4 year scholarship program @ NYCCt. If I do not pass the entrance exam I will not get the scholarship. I'm very nervous about this exam. though I am learning alot in the bridge program. Basically its preparing me for the exam.


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Good Luck!!! They say it is not as hard as you think, but I am scared to . I am not good at math so I have been trying to learn all I can in a short time.


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I took the ACT awhile back... here is what I learned about the ACT...

First you should take practice exams as much as possible. The test is definitely not as hard as you may think it is. It is basic problem solving skills. The math is not difficult, if you have taken college algebra and did well, this will be a cake walk. Be sure to brush up on your chart reading/identification of variables on graphs. There is some grammar and reading comprehension which most people can get better at by simply practicing with passages. All in all if you study for this exam it will show. Definitely don't do what I did and walk in to take the exam without practicing at all. I didn't study at all and got a 21 so it is doable. Good luck to all, and I have heard that the Princeton review has shown better results in the ACT scores compared to Kaplan... just what my friends have said.


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Thank you !! I got the Princeton CD yesterday at the libraray . I bet you are good at alg. ,I am not so I think I need to ace the rest.

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