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Searching textbooks and web sites, but can't find the answer. At WHICH point in time does acrocyanosis in the newborn become abnormal?


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"Acrocyanosis , blue coloring of the hands and feet, is generally present for seveal hours until the cardiopulmonary changes have stabilized and fully oxygenated blood has reached the hands and feet." Foundations of Nursing: Caring for the Whole Person, Lois White.

Sounds individualized for each newborn but if goes over 6-8 hours that might be cause for concern?? I am med-surg nurse not a newborn nurse.:) This is my best estimate with the information given me.

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I just checked in one of my peds textbook, and the only thing I found is, " Acrocyanosis is common during the first day or two as a result of poor peripheral circulation. The infant's mouth and central body areas should not by cyanotic at any time."

Hope that helps a bit.

Cheers! :0)


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Thank you for your help and suggestions. My textbook sources are also very vague, so I'm just telling my students that acrocyanosis is normal/common during the first 24-48 hours and leaving it at that.

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