ACLS before hire?

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what is y'alls opinion on taking the ACLS before you apply for a job? I moved to the US from Canada and only just got my RN license for the US. I have not worked since graduating in 2009. I am ready to begin my job hunt and I keep reading on here how new grads are having trouble finding a job. There is an upcoming ACLS course being offered in my area that I am on the fence about taking. I have worked in the ER as well as done a clinical rotation there and taken a basic cardiac monitoring course through the hospital I worked at. I know I am a little rusty with some of the cardiac pharmacology/ECG tracings.

One the one hand, I think it might make me more marketable for potential employers. (I am not looking to start in ER, would like to get a med/surg job for awhile first). On the other hand, several people have told me how employers love to hire Canadian nurses so I shouldn't have much trouble finding a job... not so sure about that. but if that is the case, I don't want to spend the $300 if a hospital is willing to hire me, and possibly pay for me to take it sometime in the future.

What do you think I should do?

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