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Achieving Masters Degree Guidance

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Dear All


I am new to this forum and........ well.... wanted some help and signed up.

My problem is i have got 2 years of bachelor degree ( which is recognized here in Nepal as we cannot join the course without completing 2 year of clinical practice) and willing to do masters in nursing field abroad (Europe would be best) and it seems that i had to get 180 ECTS which corresponds to 3 years bachelor.

Talking about my background i have being practicing nursing for past 7 years. At first I did my proficiency certificate level (PCL) on nursing from National Academy of Medical

Science (NAMS), Nepal. After completing my PCL, I did two years of clinical practice and joined for higher degree i.e.Post Basic Bachelor Nursing (BN). I have successfully completed my bachelor and i am willing to continue my education further but the requirements of masters program is 3 years of bachelor degree.

I have being writing email to universities but could not get help, i hope you guys might have some suggestion. I am wrote letters to universities for doing the credit transfer, until now there is no response. so i was thinking if it is possible of having a volunteer practice or something like internship so that it will add in my academic and i can further join for masters.

And i have done IELTS. My grade is not good though (5.5 in listening and other are 6 and overall 6)

Your suggestions will be invaluable.