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Accepted into SAC and So Excited!!


I just had to share this...finally one step closer to my dream...I just found out today that I've been accepted into SAC's RN program (for the Spring semester)!!

I have so much to do now...background check, drug test, submit more paperwork and my immunization records, get CPR certified, etc. I can't believe it's finally coming true! But I have to admit, I'm a little nervous...things are going to be very different now, but I'm ready for it.

Here's to the beginning of a looong journey!

Is anyone else going in the evenings to SAC?

SAC in Texas. Sorry...I should have specified that!

I too go excepted into the nursing program. I start in March. I just just did my drug test today. I am scheduled to do my CPR class on Dec. 5. I was just wondering how much you have done so far. Do you start in Jan or March? I start in March.


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Congratulations!!!!! I am about to graduate from SAC. Pinning is Dec 10th and let me tell you it is a journey but well worth it. Good luck to you!!!!:yeah::yeah::yeah:

Congrats to you. How exciting for you. Can you give any important advice? Did you fail any classes and have to retake any? Now that I am here. I so scared of not succeeding.

I have a really dumb question. Are you expected to do drug calculations on the spot and in your head? Do nurses have a chance to do the calculations on paper and with a calculator? I just curious. I have a hard time with math. Please give advice.