Accepted to Penn State Altoona's Accelerated BSN...


Hi Folks! I've gotten accepted into the ABSN program in Altoona. I was once a Penn State Undergrad and graduated with a BBH degree from University Park. I now live in the Boston area and working at a Biotech company. I'm wondering if any of you know if the "acceptance" confirmation that we needed to give was a "binding" thing? I feel as though since the original acceptance letter we haven't gotten much guidance on what to expect next, what to do next, or if we need to send in a deposit to hold our spot.

Does anyone have any information? Additionally, does anyone have information about housing? I would like to live off campus. Is anyone else who was accepted from out of town, or out of state?

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I will be attending PSU Altoona in the fall. I had to pay a deposit when I accepted my spot. (I think it was $200 or $250 - can't recall right now.) I spoke with Dr. Kuhn's assistant on Friday - we should be getting an information packet by the beginning of May and will be having orientation the end of June (tentatively).

Can't help you with the housing - I'll be living about an hour away.

There are a few of us on Facebook - let me know if you're interested and I'll get you the page.

Hope this helps some!


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I am slightly confused, because I was accepted into the program, but haven't heard anything since the acceptance letter. I also did not have to submit a desposit or anything. I emailed Dr. Kuhn asking if there was anything I needed to do and all she replied was that we would be getting more information in the mail in the next few weeks. Am I missing something here? Also, please do add me to the facebook page or let me know how I can search for it.

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The facebook page is PSU Altoona 2nd Degree Nursing. Let me know if you can't locate it. Did you speak with admissions regarding the deposit? I'm not sure that's something that Dr. Kuhn deals with - I would think that the admissions department does. Look forward to meeting you soon!