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Hi all,

I was actually wait-listed for this fall which I am still hurt about and was wondering who here was accepted? If so, have you turned in your acceptance letter or are you going to attend elsewhere? I'm just trying to get a slight idea to see if I even have a chance (which I doubt). All I can do now is keep praying :bowingpurthat someone finds a different program that is more suitable for them so I can have a chance on my journey to a nursing career :nurse:


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Hi Ba2Laca!

I actually have applied for the fall 2010 mepn program at CSU Dominguez, and had a few questions about the application process. I was wondering if you could email me? or send me a PM? I can't do PMs because they only allow users who have already posted 15+ posts..and I just started. If you can't PM me, just write back and I'll give you my email address. Thanks so much!

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