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Accepted with all B's


Hello Everyone,

I'm new here. Decided to create a thread to let anyone know that it is possible to get into PA/Nursing Schools without having any A's in those science prerequisites :yuck:.

I completed all my prerequisites at a Community College two years ago and received all B's in the science courses.

Bio 1- B Chem 1- B

Bio 2- B Chem 2- B

A&P 1- B BioChem- B

A&P 2- B Organic Chem 1- B

Genetics- B Micro- B

Nut- A Stat- A

After, I applied to six PA schools (Penn State, A.T. Still, Drexel, Jefferson, Rutgers, and Northern Arizona) and was rejected by five schools. Only A.T. Still accepted me after a very long interview/wait.

I also applied to four Accelerated BSN programs (Jefferson, Holy Family, Drexel, and Villanova) and got rejected by Drexel and Villanova. The other two schools actually offered me a seat.

So yes, there is hope after all for anyone who thinks he or she is not competitive due to low grades. Keep trying and someone will notice.

Oh forgot to mention, I was also a former four years Army Combat Medic, which probably helped in my acceptance.

I'm glad Holy Family accepted you, I got denied by them, since my cum GPA was a 3.0, but calculated wrong. I've been taking the science pre-reqs and have straight As, so I'm hoping this round, they'll see how good of a student I truly am :)

Kellyann really? Straight A's and still denied? I'm assuming your undergrad GPA was less than 3.0. I actually gave up my seat at Holy Family because of their awkward grading system...example: 90-93 is a B+; other colleges 90-93 is A-.

I also think other factors helped with my acceptance. I have a Master's Degree in Social Work, which factored into my grad GPA. During those two interviews at Jefferson and Holy Family, they asked about my experience as a Combat Medic. Lastly, I had two great Letter of Recommendations; one from a NP who I used to work with as a Oncology Social Worker, and the other was from my Colonel (NP in the Army).

My suggestion is for you to keep trying/never give up. And if need be, try to volunteer/shadow a NP at your local health clinic/hospital for a few days/weeks for the healthcare experience, if you do not ready have it.

Yup, if you have other questions/concerns let me know.

Nah my GPA is a 3.0 pretty much exactly. I failed a class at community college and retook the class at my transfer university and passed. So, unfortunately, the failed class still shows on my transcript for my community college, thus pulling down my CC GPA. So, it appears as if my cumulative GPA is lower than it really is. I'm currently taking two pre-requisite summer courses to be completed by 6/29, so I'll be above a 3.0 by then. I just think I applied too early, I was just hoping for the best. Now when I reapply for their Spring '18 start, I'll have all but one pre-requisite finished.

Also, I'm not too worried about their grading system. You need above 77 in most nursing schools to pass now anyways. And I hear Holy Family's program isn't super hard. It's just a lot of information but heard they do an amazing job teaching it to stick. It's amazing how much better your grades are when you're no longer 20 and don't give a crap :) haha