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I apologize in advance if this is the wrong section to be asking these type of questions. I literally JUST signed up so please bear with me guys lol.

Alright so, let me just say that I am very interested in nursing. I have been for a while and I have given it a lot of thought. I've made my mind up about this career. It took me a long time of careful thought and consideration but I finally decided that it is what I have my heart set on to pursue. I am planning to apply at a local university into a Licensed Practical Nursing program but I have yet to meet the needed requirements. Anyway though, long story short..

I have this friend who had just applied for the same program. She had recently graduated with all A's and B's. She finished all of her prerequisites and required certificates needed for the program but she got rejected. She was told to attend additional classes to get her grades up and to show more dedication.

I guess I'm wondering if this happens a lot? I'm worried that even after I finish what I need to do that I might be rejected too :crying2: I really hope this doesn't happen because I really want this and I plan to work very hard to get good grades. It would really suck to have to wait an extra year. Even though I find it quite intimidating I'm not going to let it stop me from trying to get into the program. I was normally just going to do the prerequisites needed for the program but I'm thinking I should fully graduate now.

Does anyone have any additional advice for me that might help to get accepted? I was already planning to volunteer at the hospital and I'm looking into applying at a nursing home to work just because it's an interest to me. Now I'm wondering if it will help out too in proving how dedicated I am?

I appreciate any help and suggestions :)

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