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Acceptance to mount Saint Vincent secondary degree nursing program

by Nursetobe31 Nursetobe31 (New) New

Chances of acceptance?

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Hey all,

Ive recently applied to mount saint Vincent's accelerated nursing program and was wondering how competitive they are.

I am a little concerned about my chances of acceptance based on their gpa requirements. Though such, my grades for their pre Reqs are quite well.

O chem1/2- A's

A&P 1/2- A's

Microbiology- B

Overall GPA- 2.93 - this concerns me!

the A&P and Micro were taken as a non matric. as I am now waiting for a decision.

Any advice or suggestions would GREATLY BE APPRECIATED. Thanks so much.

Hi I actually graduated from here with my bachelors from the 4 year program last year and as I was graduating I was finding out they were getting more competitive but you never know you may get in just keep your hopes up. They are very into gpa when I was they wanted a 3.0 and above and I believe it was nothing less than a B in a science course but like I said my graduating class had different standards than those now and accelerated standards are different as well.

Hi Nursetobe31,

Have you heard back yet?

I just applied as well and am waiting to hear! I have a 3.1 so also not great.